Afya's Vision

To make a positive impact on the health of people in developing countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

Afya's Mission

To support ongoing health initiatives in Africa and the Caribbean by supplying critically needed surplus medical supplies, hospital equipment and humanitarian provisions.

We do this by collecting no longer wanted supplies from the healthcare, corporate and private communities and sending them to our partner organizations on the ground.

accomplishments to date:

6,000,000 pounds of medical and humanitarian supplies shipped abroad and diverted from landfills and incineration

1,200,000 pounds of supplies sent to Haiti immediately after the 2010 Earthquake, to Japan immediately after the 2011 Earthquake and to Pakistan after the 2012 floods

$26,000,000 worth of supplies sent abroad

100 '40 containers shipped abroad to date

134 shipments since 2008

32 Haitians trained and employed, who have treated 3,200+ patients since 2010

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